Born in 1892 in St-Imier, he spent his childhood in Fontainemelon. He completed an apprenticeship as a mechanic and worked in La Chaux-de-Fonds and in Locle as a maker of stamped parts. In Biel he was hired as a foreman to work with “OMEGA” where he was employed until 1925. A friend advised him to work with “SPIRAUX Français” in Besançon. He met Rose Girardet and married her in 1930. Together with his wife he began to manufacture springs at home, while raising two daughters. In 1932 they returned to Switzerland. The economic crisis made it possible for him to get a job with “BULOVA” and go to America, where the headquarters of the company are located. Back in Switzerland, he decided to set up his own business in 1937. The company was named “RESSORTS INDUSTRIELS PAUL STEUDLER”. The adventure began in his apartment in “Chemin de la Clôture” street and the first machine he purchased allowed roll up the spring wire. Paul Steudler was conscripted in 1939, but production continued – thanks to his wife. He bought a house in 1943 in “Chemin de la Prévôte” street, then called “Schägweg”, where the company is still situated today. After the war the business resumed with his daughter Paulette also working in the company as well as 19 other female workers. With the arrival of automatic machines, the need for labour decreased. The arrival of his son-in-law Robert Favre in 1950, who married Paulette Steudler, paved the way for a new generation. Paul Steudler died in April 1965.

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