Born in 1952, he spent his childhood with his sister Mireille at their family home. He did an apprenticeship as a precision mechanic at the “Technicum” in Biel. He also studied engineering and graduated in 1975 with a diploma in his hand. After a stay at “BIEN-AIR” he set off to discover the world and later returned to his old place of work. In 1977 he was hired as a designer to work with the machine factory for springs “SCHENKER MASCHINEN AG” in Schönenwerd. In 1978 he joined the family business. He learned the trade against the backdrop of the economic crisis. The advent of information technology allowed him to develop business management at the desktop level. He married in 1983. His wife Romaine has always helped him in the office. In 1984, the company became a joint stock company changing its name to “FAVRE-STEUDLER SA”. To increase his knowledge he took evening classes at the Technicum in St. Imier and graduated in 1993 with a degree in business management. He then became director and principal shareholder. He has currently still the same status. The arrival of CNC machines on the market has revolutionized the production and opened new markets.

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